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We very much hope to receive feedback and build an exciting community around ChoreoV. Are you most interested in:

Swift, Intuitive Choreography of Real World Devices

ChoreoV Process Flow

ChoreoV takes you swiftly from imagination to the implementation of custom motion control, lighting and any number of other complex actions in physical artworks and devices. You express your artwork's "dance" using video - an intuitive visual medium for expressing synchronized, real-world behaviors.

The artwork animation process, particularly for complex, emotionally rich performances, can be up to 1000x faster as compared to low-level coding, providing immediate, ongoing feedback from your artwork, and allowing you to focus on the choreography, not the code.

Behind the scenes, ChoreoV translates the video content into streams of automatically generated commands that control your artwork. What previously took weeks of painstaking work can literally be done in an afternoon - by coders and non-coders alike.

Potential product versions range from off-the-shelf kits for the inventive artist/hobbyist to customizable, open source environments for the artistically oriented engineer.

View of a simple portable configuration:

Simple portable ChoreoV configuration

Video Sources

Because ChoreoV captures raw screen pixels, it is "application agnostic", working with all standard video/animation editors and players, such as Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Maya, 3DS Max, Final Cut Pro, as well as iMovie, Apple's QuickTime Player, YouTube, etc.

Real-Time Output Streams

TCP/IP: To virtual internal LocalHost port or physical external machine IP address.

RS232 Serial.

Saved to a data file to be "played" later.

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